With New Look’s tool for ONLINE CUSTOMER ACQUISITION and product sales, you can transfer a large part of your business into the online sphere, reduce clerical services and create faster communication with customers and their acquisition. Product we comunicate:


Lead magnet campaigns
Engagement tools
Consent management


Lead magnet campaigns are the campaigns we carry out for Addiko bank. Their essence is to attract users with simple and fast online activations, such as quizzes, then activate them through mail campaigns and send them to pages where they directly sign up to interact with a contact center.


Engagement tools are a set of tools that are installed on a bank’s website and provide opportunities for better visitor engagement. For example, when a user stays for a while, a popup appears , or when a user scrolls to a certain point, a massage appears. This creates a better interaction with the user and directly offers what is important.


ChatBot is an automated tool for communicating with clients on a bank’s website or some partners’ website, where through pre-programmed communication the user is guided to the content he needs. ChatBot also includes loan calculators, online meeting scheduling or call center forms, branch office hours and more.


Consent management is a tool for keeping track of customer consent coming from online channels, in accordance with GDPR regulacijama (this is very important). It provides the ability to collect approvals and an easy way for them to be withdrawn by customers.