How to write a good SEO text is certainly something you have been trying to find out if you have your own business or are learning how to write texts that will be interesting to a larger readership. First of all, it is important to see who you are addressing with that text, what your goals are, for the text to be written in the highest quality and simplest language, so everyone can understand the message you want to convey and of course be original. otherwise Google will easily detect that you have copied a part or taken from someone else and you will not be rewarded for it with a better position on the first page.

Visual part of SEO text

The technical part is also important for SEO. Some form simply has to be respected. The whole text should have a minimum of 300 words, but over time, those who are accustomed to writing and who have reported, write 1000 words each. In such a text, it is important that there are at least three key words, here we mean a text that is shorter and that the message is clear. In the text itself, the title, subtitles and the first sentence play an important role. With the right choice and way of writing, you will keep the user on the text, and that is why you started writing. Today’s user’s attention is very short, it is easy to lose it, so it is important to be clear and interesting in these few key parts. A few quality images, then charts and anything that will make the text more relevant are certainly welcome.

Sentences of SEO text

Every quality writer will tell you to make sentences as simple and understandable as possible. You don’t need to write some phrases that no one understands to act intelligently. It is important that everyone understands you and that you explain to the user how to write as easily as possible. Technically, it would be best if the sentence has up to 20 words, of course this is not a written rule, but advice to reach the desired form as soon as possible.


A little is always better. You must have heard that sentence many times. So it is not necessary for your text to be overloaded with all the words that seem important to you. Put one in the title, start the first sentence with another word, then add another in one of the paragraphs and that is enough to fulfill the technical condition for your friendly SEO text. Google is not case sensitive, but it is bold so you can send it a message in bold words that matter to you. And what you wanted to pay attention to.

The SEO text title

It is clear to you that the title is something that is very important because it will find you in the search and so you will attract all potential users to stay on your site. The most important thing about the title is to offer your reader a solution, ask him a question or make the title sound mysterious. That way you have more chances to attract more people and keep them. Some of the suggestions are How to find a solution for, If you thought it was enough, Did you know … You have realized that the text itself must provide some information, a solution or a solution to an issue. Information is what we trade today, as well as time. So offer what your target audience needs.

Finally, let’s summarize

Digital Writing is not easy, it is easier for some, they were just born for it, others will have to improve in a harder way, so they will have to practice. Still don’t despair writing can be learned. The more you write, the better and better quality writer you will be over time. It is important to have the will, the effort to constantly read and improve. The message you convey to the reader will eventually reach the desired form.

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